Phnom Penh: Ossan Hassan, Senior Minister in charge of Special Mission and the Head of the Islamic Community of Cambodia, believes that all Muslims do not object to the high leadership of the Cambodian Muslim Association, which has decided that Muslims should celebrate the upcoming Mass. Home to take part in the prevention of the spread of Kov-19.

At a press conference on the “Update of the Kov-19 community fight against HIV / AIDS” in the afternoon of April 21, 2020, at the Council of Ministers, Ossman Hassan stated that the senior leadership of Cambodian Islam did not allow citizenship. Muslims gather at the Passover like last year to prevent Kov-19.

He added that the Cambodian Muslim Leadership Council had allowed Khmer Muslims to arrange home-cooked meals in their homes. He said that all Cambodian Muslims living in Cambodia do not oppose the ruling Cambodian Muslim Council. .

Oussman Hassan says "I am sure he did not object, but in some cases he did not object. He did not understand, so he thought, okay, then we have a brother who he understands. "We are breaking the law. We are religious. And when we break the law, it means breaking the law."

"I hope that Ramadan has nothing to do with the Muslim community."

He noted that to date, Khmer Muslims and other Khmer religions have had a normal relationship. He called on all Cambodians to continue to maintain this good relationship.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Mr Oshan Hassan said that the Muslim population of Kov-19 was the only one of the 33 who had been infected in Malaysia so far, calling on all Muslims to continue their protection. Avoid getting coronavirus-19, and don't spread it to others because the disease is so fast.

Sir "There are 33 people in the province, all of them in the 10 provinces, and 33 of them are recovering and only one is left. Hopefully, this one will recover soon."

It should be reminded that on April 21, the senior leaders of the Cambodian Muslim community said that the HIV-19 epidemic in Cambodia seems to be easing, but it is not to be forgotten that the disease is a must. Together we fight to prevent more and more success in the future.

To join the Royal Government in combating the Kuwaiti-19 pandemic during the month of Ramadan (fasting month) 2020, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Council of Cambodia recommends the following:

First, try eating at your own home.

Secondly, the R តាv វ៉dេះv (r (Night Worship in Ramadan), do family work at home.

Third, the day of the Rite of the Lord is to perform the ritual of worship in one's own home.

Fourth: Rejoicing Day Let's not get together and keep up the gaps.

And, Fifth, to implement the preventive measures in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health at all times.

By: Eng Boucheng