Battambang: Provincial Authority and Department of Commerce of Battambang There is a weekend market from Friday to Sunday located in the town of Battambang to give farmers the opportunity to sell Safe vegetables or organic vegetables, poultry, including fruits, processed products, agricultural products.

Kim Hout, director of the Battambang Provincial Department of Commerce, said that the launch of the weekend market in the province would promote local products so that It is up to the end user to know what is locally grown and its quality, and after that support the producer Happy to assemble can meet market demand. When there is a clear market, there are more supporters, which leads to more production and better producers and buyers Know, eat, use safe things, because they are all properly sourced.

Farmers selling agricultural produce to the market said they were very happy that Project M had established the market This is because it gives farmers more opportunities to sell their agricultural produce.

For the weekend marketers said they were very supportive because it was impossible to buy food from a certain source Health effects also contribute to farmers' productivity and make them more productive.

This weekend's market is in line with a government-led small-scale agricultural marketing program called EM This has resulted in a series of positive results, with the facilitation of loans from the Rural Development Bank and Agriculture (ARDB) assisting the teaching technicians. Some farming and other markets are available, and some of the agricultural products on the market also have support from the Provincial Department of Agriculture. Too

By: Ong Saram