PHNOM PENH – National Police Chief General Neth Savoeun has ordered a forcePolice of the municipal and provincial authorities throughout the country searched and detained and pharmacies selling Covid-19 test kits.

The order was issued after receiving an order from Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Covid-19 disease in the afternoon of March 29, 2020.

Major General Neth Savoeun said that the Department of Specialties in collaboration with 25 provincial and municipal commissioners acted urgently where equipment was sold. Test Cuts 19, ask people to stop and take emergency items and report on. Immediately cooperate with the prosecutor and cooperate with relevant forces in the province.

HE Dr. O Vandin, Spokesman and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, told reporters on Television Network on Sunday. The self-reported use of rapid test on an individual basis is yet to be approved by the Ministry of Health, with no confirmation yet From the organization To allow use of the rapid test.

"They are accelerating the validation process and expect to receive the order in the near future," she said. Of course, if available, it would be great, but we must be very careful in coping with the community for test uncertainties. This, too. ”

She mentioned that each country has tried a lot of such tests and is on all tests.

We had considered this problem before these tests appeared, but in order to prevent further deterioration, we often had discussions with the organization. World Health. If a person with the HIV-19 virus has been tested for this virus, it is unlikely that the person with the HIV virus has 19 The virus will spread to communities that are hard to control. Thanks to all the suggestions on this issue, I also want to inform that the Ministry of Health will pay close attention to measures and ways to prevent it. There is also a rapid testing procedure for the virus, which we hope will be introduced soon. This is what kind of test we can use But not for broadcast vendors such anarchy, without authority from the Ministry of Health. By: Kolab