PHNOM PENH, April 19 (Xinhua) – More than half a million Cambodians are online To enter the new Beer Concert series, as the event brings together musicians, artists, celebrities and top chefs Social media influencers, retailers and distributors all over Cambodia join hands to help fight the HIV-19 virus That is enabling Affect the daily life of citizens.

Beer Tai Live Live Concert Series kicks off on Tuesday, April 14th with DJ MAILY and Top jazz musician Euan Gray, as well as drummer Jim Wilson.

Ahead of the first show, DJ Maily said: “The HIV-19 virus is affecting all of us. We are really grateful to Tiger Brewery for hosting this event so that we can support and connect with you. And our supporters. We are also proud to be able to support our retail businesses and distribution representatives as well as the Cambodian society as a whole. ”

On Thursday, April 16, nearly 250,000 fans attended the online concert of singer Chhan Sovannareach along with Also a group of artists.

Thai Brewer is hosting this live event to support musicians, artists, celebrities, chefs and the rich. Influences on social networks that are not publicly available during this period. By bringing together artists, retailers and distributors to work with, Tiger Brewer also aims to help affected businesses. Also exposed to its business due to the HIV-19 virus. Thayer Beer also wants to contribute to the fun of those who are staying at home right now. Also exciting from home.

"Our company understands the hardships that we face," said Jeevan, a senior general manager of the Thayer Brewery branch. Artists and people who have to keep themselves in the house are struggling with this. That is why we mobilize all parties to help each other during this crisis. ”

To help retailers and distribution dealers, Thai Tiger Brew also will provide $ 15,000. America to the public as well. The donation will be made as a Voucher gift card worth $ 5 and can be used to order food. Online.

Jeevan continued: "With the Beer Thai live show, the artist can continue his performance and receive Earn money while viewers can also watch and enjoy Level 1 entertainment, as well as encouragement and guidance. This is our way of cultivating social solidarity during these difficult times. ”

"In this way, we hope that it will help all of us stay close to each other. We are also assisting those who are in need of jobs, assisting businessmen who need to keep their business and helping those who need it "Sitting at home, waiting for the crisis to end."

In addition to concerts to beers' live shows, Thayer will also feature live cooking demonstrations from the street. Top chef as well as performance artist from Cambodia.

The next episode of Beer Thai Live is scheduled for Wednesday and Friday this week from 7 p.m. Last night. The online concert will also feature Cambodian popular bands and singers such as SMALL WORLD SMALL BAND along with stars. Chamroeun Sophea and the P-SAND X BROTHERS Choir.

All art lovers who would like more information can access the official Thai Ghanaian Facebook page at (https: // facebook. com / tigerbeerKH).

Therefore, if you would like to contribute to the Beer Beer in this project, be sure to watch the Beer Live Tiger Wednesday, April 22, from 7:00 pm on the Tiger's Facebook page ( By: CEN