Of course, the Corona Virus is a dreadful infection only by businessmenHaving an autism spectrum disorder in Cambodia is a lot more scary than the Corona Virus, because they have been doing business for you. Morals and no rights.

Sok Sovan Vathana Savong releases video about some opportunists in Cambodia as a result of the virus epidemic. The new Coronavirus takes this opportunity to do unethical and inhumane business, which is also in the country. The same could be the case with this disease.
He highlighted the big problem that weakens the country: the politicians do not care. Yes. Officials Lack of Integrity in Dealing with Businessmen
People are inactive in examining political issues in their own country.
China's health authorities have announced the release of the C GTN in the morning of January 29, 2020. Wednesday: The death toll from the new coronavirus virus has risen to 132, while an additional 60,59 people have been infected. ៕ By: Columbus