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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Daily) Media and big news partners, as well as Facebook celebrities, with shares, comments were all over the new feed last night.

Do you wonder why it is said that the OPPO A92 is extraordinarily special with "A grade all the time"? The answer is because OPPO A92 has a four-megapixel 48MP primary camera, A high-speed A class, with big RAM, high-class ROM A, and high-end A-rated battery. Popular MCs such as Chea Vannarith, Sok Soveth Vitaly and Musical Artist, Heng Veasna, Miss Salad Srey Lang, and a group of comedian photographers, entertained with videotapes, humorous photography and lengthy explanations. Almost an hour, the attraction to the brush from beginning to end does not blink.

According to a video of the speaker representing the company and Product Manager for OPPO Cambodia, the OPPP A92, which is well known for its beautiful camera, does not need edit because of its strong camera, while RAM, large ROM is not unusual. Full color, big battery life, no longer worrying about hot phones and soon running out of battery.

The OPPO A92 has such an all-powerful ability to shake the ground with its wide-angle camera, high-quality camera and night-time selfie camera. While the speed and speed are smoother, the RAM8GB + ROM 128GB is easy to play and has plenty of software to run without fear of slowing down or slowing down. What's more, the new, beautiful, eye-catching style shines like a boxing star.

Watch the video below if you missed it last night:

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If you're talking about a good camera, who doesn't know it, don't buy OPPO's 48MP 4-megapixel camera, each with a different feature. With a 48MP main camera, the image quality is impressive and adds some extra beauty. It also captures images at night with Ultra Night Mode 2.0. The 8MP wide-angle lens allows you to take 119 photoso Spacious, easy to take family photos, fully landscaped, fully stocked, beautiful legs. The dual-lens portraits feature 2MP and 2MP black and white. Looking back, the Pixel front-facing camera is quite unusual with the 16MP camera, plus the AI ​​Beauty feature makes the pictures look pretty and a bit more immersive without the edit.

In terms of battery life, smiley people, most people want a phone that has a strong battery life. Now, the OPPO A92 is powered by a 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging feature that lets you get away with worrying about a fast phone, slow charging, no need to sit idle. Also, the OPPO A92 can also charge other phones via OTG.

What you really want, or if you want to upgrade to a new series, is the ability to power and speed up with the standard OPPO A92 A – RAM and larger ROM with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chip. Hyper Boost technology helps with speed, play and games. The OPPO A92 has 128GB ROM and RAM GB, helping to launch and log into multiple applications or applications simultaneously, as well as launch other games more quickly. -start.

Class A design and color The slim design is easy to use with one hand, with two color options – Shinning White (sky blue) and Twilight Black (3D black), with the back of the 3D design shining brightly. Super bright star light with a quick fingerprint scanner (toggle button), more secure, just a tap or a simple click.

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The OPPO A92 is really unusual, getting great support with all the features and A-levels at just $ 279. So for those who are interested, make a reservation from today until June 30th to 04 July 2020 to own the OPPO A92 series with a wide range of gifts. A Also. A total of $ 120 worth of gifts, including a nice, youthful backpack, a smart SIM card, a smart phone with a big 24-week Smart Internet plan.

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Stop! Stop! OPPO has also unveiled a new product, the OPPO Enco W11, which is easy to use by tapping on the headset to play or interrupt, or to reduce the volume, the receive and the shutter. Particularly good on average, it's easy to wear, say, and use your phone for $ 49.

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What's more, what's more amazing is that customers are waiting for this special opportunity – you just have to buy an OPPO A92 smartphone with the OPPO W11 for just $ 308! Limited time stock.

Overall, the OPPO A92 is the all-time A-grade, premium specs, heart-warming gift card user, stunning 4-point professional camera, AI with four RAM8GB + ROM128GB battery life Extreme 5000mAh hands-on still never play games full fun delicacies where can you not shoot?

For more information on the A grade features, you can watch the video below to learn more. Collaborative Articles

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