Murdoch's ex-boyfriend gets angry with a manThe driver of the Corolla hit the car, causing damage and refusing to stop. An explosion at a wheelbarrow triggers a wheelbarrow and stunned police forces, prompting an 8pm on February 29, 2020 In the area of ​​Koh Pich, Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkarmorn.

The driver of the white MASDISD bus driver wearing a license plate number 2AY-0009 named Long Lundy, 35, a military officer, a lieutenant colonel, was an assistant to the Office of the Chief of the Armed Forces Intervention Unit at Moul village, Dangkor district. Dangkor fired rifle-shot machine-gun cartolor on Phnom Penh 2AS-6421 and was arrested by police. Located in the Royal Armed Forces of Phnom Penh.

Traffic police said the crash scene, which involved a Marco Corolla driving a drunk man, drove in the same direction as a male driver's car. One hit a car's rear axle causing damage to the left side and it was not known why the man driving the Mercedes pulled out his pistol. But soon after, police forces were killed Military police fired weapons while two vehicles measured by district inspectors Phnom Penh's Armed Forces to Take Action Against the Bombardment of the Armed Forces