Pailin / Siem Reap: Rainstorms, thunderstorms and thunderstorms on Monday evening killed one person and damaged the homes of more than 10 people. While in Siem Reap, nearly 20 homes were damaged. According to a local police official from both provinces yesterday.

Sal Dara district police chief Rith Dara told the Post on Tuesday that the evening of April 6, 2020, had been accompanied by heavy rain and heavy rain. Lightning erupted at a spot near Ou Krab village, Thnal Kbal Village, Ou Andong commune, Sala Krao district, Pailin province, killing a 19-year-old woman. Damage to people's homes Many houses.

Dara said the victim, Phuong Chaly, 19, was from Boeung Samrong village, Lvea commune, Bavel district, Battambang province. Before the incident, she and her family went to rent cassava at the site for 35 hectares per hectare. Ten thousand riels.

“According to her family that evening, when it was raining, she and her family did not stop,” Dara said. Relax and find a safe place, they continue to grow potatoes under the rain, mixed with wind and lightning because they want to grow. One potato [one and a half hectares] early. Unfortunately, she was struck by lightning that evening. ”

Dara said that on Monday evening, in addition to the fatal lightning incident, the homes of 13 people in O'Song commune And the school district was also blown down and the roof opened.

In Siem Reap's Srei district, 19 families and 1 farmer's farm in Maung commune, Bright and Khlaing commune Damaged by rain storms on Monday evening. According to a report from Srei district inspector Un Sros yesterday.

Mr. Fresh said that at the beginning of April there were two rainy months, with the first occurring on the 2nd of April. April 2020 damaged 19 homes in Tram Saor commune and Chroy Neang Ngoun commune but not as severe as on Monday evening. April, because just a little roof.

In the second instance, four of the 19 homes were completely collapsed and six others suffered moderate and severe damage. One tractor collapsed, a house collapsed.

"However, no one was killed or injured in the incident," he said.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology yesterday warned that low-pressure valleys on the planet are increasing its impact on Cambodia. 08 April 14, 2020 Atmospheric temperature will decrease slightly due to low rainfall Goes a lot, but before it rains It was raining or raining during the rainy season.

Chan Yutha, a spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, called on all citizens to be alert for wind and thunderstorms. Winds are continuing, especially in the northwest plains and the northern highlands.