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HONG KONG – A prominent Hong Kong activist is JASIN NG's lawyer after seven months of violent protests with police. It has been said on January 25 that escalating violence is not a good way to achieve change There is no democracy in Hong Kong.

In an interview with AFP in Barcelona, ​​JASIN NG analyzed the future of protest movements in former territories. The British colony was located in southeastern China. Hailing in the worst political crisis since June 1019 in Hong Kong, the last few months have been the scene of Violent clashes with police. "I understand why the violence happened," said the 48-year-old lawyer in a hotel interview It comes down to human nature. As the police often attacked and intensified, it pushed back.

Also, many protesters think that without violence it is difficult to attract the attention of the government and the international community. I do not agree with such ideas. I don't want that to be the case in Hong Kong. I want the protest to be peaceful and continue.

Born in Hong Kong, JASIN NG immigrated with his family to Canada and after training in the US Rick and Italy He returned to Hong Kong in 2005. Since 2014, he has participated in student demonstrations that led to the formation of the Umbrella Movement and joined hands Another prominent opposition activist, JOSHUA WONG ៕ Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)