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Cuba to fight off COVID-19 virus with one of its drugs used in China Anti-infectious diseases kill 1380 people in mainland China. That's the fruit of Cuba's revamp.

That is not a miracle pill, but it is enough to make the Cuban government proud. The drug, called INTERFERON ALFA 2B, is an anti-viral drug made by Cuban biotech in the 1980s. A cooperation with the United States. It is used for viral infections, especially those caused by the HIV virus or to treat some cancers and liver disease.

INTERFERON ALFA 2B is now manufactured in China by CHANG HEBER Enterprises. Biotechnology, technology and medicine cooperation have been strengthened with China since more than 15 years. It is intended to strengthen, as it currently provides around $ 210 million in loans to the country. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)