Takeo: One month's rain mixed with wind Seven houses were damaged and lightning struck in Tramkok district. The storm occurred on March 9, 2020 at 14 and 00 pm in Trapeang Thom commune, Tram Kak district, Takeo province.

According to Say Vannak, Tram Kak district deputy governor, on the day of the rainy season, there was a month of thunderstorms, and there was a wind chill. Heavy thunderstorms hit more than an hour.
After the dance, there were reports from the upper communes that there were people living in the houses, he said. The storm has caused damage to the district authorities, and the district authorities have verified that the incident affected the homes of many people. 7 Families: 1. Chan, Pheap, Female, Roof. 2. Name of Hem Nim Bak Yabamuk Home. 3. Name of Chum Lonpung, Bolt and Bakbai. 4-year-old Koddu, 52-year-old house, 5×6, tiled walls, completely collapsed. The incident did not cause any harm to the people. 5. Name of a boy factory: 37 years old.
6. Name of Pich Savorn, male, 43 years old: 7. Chhim Sarem, female, wind damaged property.

By the same afternoon at 14:30, there was one such lightning strike in the small battalion No. 14 14 in the same village. Pon Klanh commune, Tram Sara commune, Tram Kak district, leading to the death of Lieutenant General Uch Phalla, Deputy Commander of the 10th Brigade of Colonel 114th Brigade Small Stairway # 11. The source told us that when the rain came down, the victim had to pull the motorcycle into the box and was struck by lightning. Anyway.
Deputy Governor, Mr. Tramk Kak Kok, advised all the residents to be very careful because at this time it was raining. Falls are usually thunderstorms and tornadoes, and so be careful with each other.