Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Asia Injury Foundation in Cambodia undertakes a three-year worker safety promotion program in three provinces The three provinces with almost half the country's workers are at high risk of traffic accidents.

A total of 30 factories are located in the province, according to a press release from the Asia Foundation for Injury Prevention in Cambodia High risk of traffic accidents such as Phnom Penh, Kandal and Kampong Speu will be target for 3 years from the end of the year 2019 to the end of 2022

The organization said in a statement that the program will be campaigning, advocating for the development and implementation of road safety policies There are targeted safety teams at factories that will raise awareness about the importance of traveling on the road.

“In response to this, the Road Safety Program for Workers will promote the education of truck drivers Workers learn about safe driving behavior and safe mode of transportation, and encourage workers to avoid commuting in vehicles Overloaded and without seats. "

In 2019, accidents in garment and footwear workers accounted for 53% of all road accidents. Of the total workers. According to the Asian Injury Fund's survey of workers and drivers, workers at five factories showed more than 90 percent Of the interviewees, there were fears of traffic accidents by other drivers, and 28% were concerned about overloading workers.

Kim Panha, director of the Asia Foundation for Injury Cambodia, told the Post yesterday that the program would be implemented at local factories. There is a high risk of a factory near the road or a factory where workers have been injured in a recent traffic accident.

There are only about 500,000 workers in the three provinces, he said. Therefore, by providing this feedback, it will reduce the risk of injury, disability and death from road accidents.

“In fact, the implementation of this program is just one of many programs that we are promoting The safety of workers because of the risk to workers is still high.

Park Sara, manager of the Better Factories Cambodia program, said the buyers, who are members of the labor safety team It will play an important role in solving these problems by collaborating with stakeholders to address issues that arise across the industry .

“The buyers also have to work with the factories that supply them, and support the factories involved. This program will also implement measures to improve worker safety on the way to and from work. ”

According to the organization, traffic accidents not only affect the lives of workers, but also the impact on members Their families are under 2 million and will affect the productivity of labor-intensive factories. The organization claims that studies on 233 factories saw losses of nearly 8,000 days due to traffic accidents over the past 12 months 2016.

MEN MENAVY, Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Secretary General of National Road Safety Committee A framework of successful implementation and governmental efforts.

“I support programs aimed at saving the lives of workers they are a part of,” she said in the statement The backbone of the national economy. Even though we have made great efforts in the past, we still need to contribute more Encourage workers to enjoy better economic opportunities and to improve their travel safety. ”