Battambang: There have been four cases of villagers searching for popcornAt Ou Chrov point, O'Kroch village, Takak commune, Samlot district, Battambang province, also found one bullet and struck on the wood, causing one death and three minor injuries.

On the morning of May 5, 2020, at 9:20 am, four residents of Kamping Village, Pringle commune, Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat province, were searching for mushroom in Ou Chrov village. O'Croch, Taekk Commune, Samlot District, Battambang also found one bullet and then struck it on the wood, causing one dead, two seriously injured and two others. Lighter than 01 victims named Lux: 1 male, 15 years old (dead). 2-year-old female Diamond 16 (severe facial injury). Pin Davuth, male, 25, (severe right arm amputation). 4-Bunnath, male, age 14 (minor injury, nasal discharge).

The victim is currently being treated at the health center in Samlot district, Battambang province.

The mine authorities are appealing to all citizens to see the unexploded ordnance, do not bring any bombs or ammunition. And a nearby mine clearance operator to clear them.

According to the report, Colonel Kao Sun Kaing, Inspector of Police, Samlot district, said that in the morning, there was a group of people living in the house. Pursat province's Phnom Kravanh district travels into the upper reaches of the forest to collect live mushrooms. At the same time, a man named Luch Ley, 15, found a B40 bullet, unexploded ordnance left over from Wartime. He carried it off to a nearby tree trunk. During the siege, a bomb exploded, killing the man immediately at the scene. Three other people were injured, including one named 16-year-old Diamond Pich (severe facial injuries). 2-year-old Pin Daavuth, 25, (serious injury to right elbow). Nim Bunnath, male, age 14 (minor injury, nasal discharge). The victim was taken to the hospital emergency room immediately.

Colonel Ouk Sarin, Commander of the 310 Border Patrol Police Battalion, said the blast site was located. About 8 kilometers from Peamta Border Police Station, Battalion No. 3110 Generally, in this geography, many people go out to earn a living by collecting wild fruits or mushrooms. Because of its geography, a former battlefield, unexploded ordnance remains scattered both on land and in land. The depth of the ground, and the occasional cases of ordnance accidents, can be deadly and even life-threatening. ៕ By: Ong Saram