Kampong Speu: A man and four cows were struck by lightning in the middle of a field when it was raining. The incident happened as the victim was driving his ox cart back from the fields to his house, which is located in the village of Khum commune Svay Prey district, Kampong Speu province, on the evening of June 21, 2020.

Em Sarun, police chief of the Svay Rieng Post, told the Post on Monday that the victim was Meas Chhorn, 68. Before the incident, the victim drove a bullock cart to a rice field about 700 meters from his house to plow and clear the land for Cultivate rice in the wet season.

“At 5:30 pm, while it was raining, the victim drove his cart home from the fields,” Saran said. He was struck by lightning in the middle of the road with four cows that he had tied to two carts and two. The other head is tied to the back of the cart. ”

The victim's body was taken by family and relatives to the cremation site on Monday evening, Sharon said. Four cows that were struck by lightning were sold by his children to dealers for three million riel [about $ 8]. Funeral.

Keo Vy, senior adviser to the National Committee for Disaster Management, told the Post on Monday that as of June 22, 2020, lightning strikes had not occurred. The shooting killed 28 people and injured 20 others.