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Russia: A five-member family from Russia's Sverdlovsk region have been separated in the jungle. Thousands of kilometers from where people live, fearing passage of another 19 voodoo.

On April 6, Sverdlovsk police received a call from a woman in the village of Krasnogvardeisky claiming that her brother had taken a wife. And three children into a nearby forest to escape the threat of infection. The family had left the village the day before and had no contact, so the woman was worried about their well-being Especially the kids. After a search by police, they found the family living in a forest with a large sky.

When asked what they were doing in the woods with three young children, the man was the master The 33-year-old family told police they had fled their home to avoid getting the virus. And since social isolation has been advertised as the best way to reduce the risk of infection. Then they come to the jungle.

The above parents have been charged with incomplete or inaccurate filling by a parent or other legal representative of a minor To look after the education of the rights and interests of minors. The couple now faces fines ranging from $ 1.3 to $ 7. Excerpt from the website: odditycentral (Edited by: Bopha)