Kandal province: A woman died instantly at the scene Two others injured in a car accident between Vietnam and Cambodia Damaged on the road at 4:25 pm on April 30, 2020 at Street 21 in Prek Talai village, Prek commune Salt, Sa'ang District, Kandal Province.

Saing, 38, a Vietnamese fisherman, was carrying fish from Vietnam, said Saang district police officer. For Sale in Cambodia as a Carrier for a white Honda Vietnamese year in auto business, seriously injured One of the passengers, Vy T វីng, a 29-year-old Vietnamese driver. The three victims are currently staying in Sampov Poun Village, Sampov Poun Commune, Koh Thom District, Kandal Province. On the other side, a white Hyundai vehicle bearing the license plate number 3B-8676 (unidentified driver) escaped.

Prior to the incident, a white Hyundai vehicle wearing the Phnom Penh 3B-8676 badge had been parked on the sidewalk. National Highway 21, without a valid license plate, while another car was carrying a white Hyundai vehicle bearing Phnom Penh 3E-9673 The fish drove at high speed, being careful not to hit the parked car The sidewalk was full, causing the woman to be trapped in the carriage, killing him immediately at the scene while the driver and prod Two cars were seriously injured. The owner of the damaged vehicle was parked on the sidewalk.

Following the incident, the victim was seriously injured and was transported to a hospital in Vietnam by ambulance. All relevant means were checked by the traffic police in Saang district for review and then the documents were taken to the district police office for processing. Following legal procedure.

Conclusion of the first step: This is caused by the driver of the license plate number 3E-9673 driving at high speed, negligence, lack of caution, causing traffic accident. Happens. Drivers of Phnom Penh 3B-8676 stopped at night without signage or warning signal to road users More by: Col