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Italy coach Roberto Mancini believes delaying Euro 2020 next year could help his team He is more prepared for the championship.

The 55-year-old has regained his composure for the Italian national team after a lengthy layoff. Nominated in 2018 after they missed out on the 2018 World Cup, which Russia hosts.

Under Roberto Mancini, Italy have completed their UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying with a record. Seal wins 100% and goes on to win 11 consecutive wins.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, Roberto Mancini said: "If we compete at Euro 2020 in June this year, it's a good thing but "Maybe we will face another national team that is better prepared than we are."

"But with another year coming, it will be a much better chance for us to get more experience We can compete best. "I hope to be the coach of the Italian team that will win their first European championship since 1968."

Due to the increasing spread of the virus, COVID-19 is expected to be decided next year. From June 11 to July 11, 2021. (Taken from CNA)