Mondulkiri: One in three men was arrested and sent to Mondulkiri Provincial Court after finding 76 kilograms of dried wild rattan meat Kram was transporting from Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary in Roveak village, Rayor commune, Koh Nhek district and confiscated an AK rifle.

Mam Vanda, a spokesman for the Mondulkiri Provincial Prosecutor's Office, told the Post yesterday that the suspect, Pruth Kadol, had been charged by the Deputy Prosecutor. The use of explosive weapons that damage natural resources.

"The suspect is now being referred to an investigating judge for a final indictment," he said.

Keo Sopheak, director of the Mondulkiri provincial environment department, said that the suspect, 29-year-old Pruth Kadol, and two other fugitives Sent to Mondulkiri Provincial Court on September 7. All three have been charged in connection with wildlife trafficking.

“As far as I know, the prosecution is already working on this case,” Sopheak said. For the two fugitives, I ask not to be named.

He recalled that this case took place on September 5, 2020 at 3:40 PM, a ranger stationed at the O'Ravek office in the sanctuary. Lumphat Wildlife in Mondulkiri Province patrolled and suddenly found three suspects riding two motorcycles carrying bags suspected of being Involved in wildlife crime. During the chase, two men knocked down the motorcycle and fled into the forest, while the other escaped before being hit by an officer. The ranger caught. After the arrest, they searched the bag and found 76 kilograms of dried wild rattan meat and two other McWave motorcycles. Keep at the Mondulkiri Provincial Department of Environment as evidence of the crime.

Mr. Sopheak said that in a separate crime case, rangers from the Memang office and WWF law enforcement staff patrolled the road. To Khneng in Khneng village, Chong Plas commune, Keo Seima district, Mondulkiri province, found two suspects riding a motorbike from Prey on September 6, while rangers and WWF officials intercepted the two suspects and they confessed. That they left the forest to look at the traps they set 22 lines to catch wildlife.

He said that after confiscating the exhibits and imposing fines, they were released.