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Phnom Penh: Ung Nimil returns to Cambodia after three months in Australia The epidemic of cowboy disease 19. The star just returned home on May 1, 2020 on a special flight after a flight from Australia to Cambodia has been closed for a while.

Ing Nimol told the island via email that she had returned to Cambodia on a special Korean flight. "The flight was unique and we could hardly buy tickets but because of the people who went to Korea Can't cancel, so we can buy.

According to the Immigration, the flight in Australia is still closed and the flight she was on is the last and luckily They were eliminated and sold to her.
Regarding the medical examination, In Channim claims that her arrival in Korea was properly checked while she was in Korea. There is also a high degree of caution for oneself.

When she arrived in Cambodia, she had a series of health check-ups, and so far her health has improved There is no difference.

Being able to return to Cambodia, this time, I would like to say that she was very happy with her memory. Birth.

While staying in Australia, Ing Nimol claimed that she was not sure when she would return to Cambodia. That's because Australia has not reopened. That is why she decided to apply for a visa to stay in Australia, waiting for the flight to resume She is very anxious to return to Cambodia as soon as possible.

According to Euniel, staying in Australia for a long time was no problem, both living and eating. Jok just couldn't walk that far. But despite this, she wants to return home as soon as she misses her friends and friends and is worried From her well-being.

Ung Nimol is one of the two stars Andy and Heng Nun July who have landed in the country. Australia, when they were performing before the outbreak of the disease, had a high prevalence of 19. However, Heng Nirun July returned to Cambodia at the same time as Ing Nimol, though Andy had not yet returned. Yet back to Cambodia. (Edited by: Bopha)