KUALA LUMPUR: A son of a drunkard, drunk with bruises, arrives home to find his mother Without cause, the mother's house became engulfed in flames and spread to her own mother-in-law's house. Two houses were set on fire at 18:30, February 14, 2020 in Svay Tan village, Prek Koy commune, S'ang Saang, Kandal province. .

Saing district police officer said that the suspect, Run Pouk, a 33-year-old Cambodian male, was not exactly a businessman, while two of the victims were female. Female, 55, Khmer Occupation, Farmer (mother of deceased) 2 / Name: Eung Female, 41 year old Cambodian, farmer (female aunt) Sigh). The suspect and the victim were housed in a village / commune in the district. As for lost property, there is a house made of tin-roofed concrete, 8 by 9 meters under the floor, and some household items are called property, house made of A 5 x 7m piece of tin wood and some household belongings are called Eung.

According to the source, the suspect had been drinking in the early hours of the morning while he was searching for the family. The text message from the mother was sent to the suspect on the way home. By 18:00 and 30 minutes, the flames from the house continued to burn and spread to the mother-in-law's house. Without a doubt, residents were shocked and reported to the Post and District authorities for intervention. Yes.

According to authorities, the report was immediately reported to the Battalion Chief of Fire and Rescue, headed by Lieutenant Colonel. Deputy Commissioner of Police Ekol Bunna received fire and rescue prevention plan under the direct command of Brigadier General Chhoeun Sopheak, Chief of Police Provincial police took out a fire truck Three Kandal Provincial Police Departments and one of the Big Island Provincial Patrol's vehicles conduct permanent firefighting. Set to last at 19:10.

The incident was caused by a teenage son who was drunk, bruised and taken to his mother's house. Spread to the house of an aunt, aunt, no rest. The suspect is currently being investigated by the competent authorities to set up a case in order to proceed with due process.