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More than 20 years of leading agricultural and agribusiness experts in Cambodia see the current sector in agriculture Cambodia does not yet have the land of tens of thousands of hectares for international companies specializing in agriculture, such as the United States No, while the presence of the company is well represented The US company seeks to improve its recent operations under the auspices of the US Embassy in Cambodia.

According to experts with about 26 years of experience in the agricultural sector in Cambodia, the company has declared that the company is on February 9, 2020 Americans coming to explore the Cambodian industry want to start their own company because they are all big companies Have sufficient capital and do not need local co-operatives and companies But for farming in the agricultural sector, there may be no hope because American companies need tens of thousands of acres of land Ha ha just implemented the project.

Oknha Mong Rithy said recently that I had no hope because they had planted them. Tens of thousands of hectares of land are needed. Where do we go to get tens of thousands of hectares of American companies without thousands of hectares? Do not. In the past, we had met the American Investment Group once before at the US Embassy and it did not It is impossible to invest in, grow or raise. ”

“With 26 years of experience in agriculture and agribusiness at the moment, this is impossible for Cambodia,” he said. Can't prepare the land to this day. As for my own company, I had no hope, because it was different, and I was in business with him Soybean from them produces soybeans in this group for four years. There is also the purchase of corn waste, which is used to feed animal feed. ”

This is not the first time US Ambassador to Cambodia, W. Patrick Murphy, said on February 6 No, the United States is calling on American companies to seek investment opportunities in Cambodia, but this time It was a historic event attended by businessmen from major companies in the United States The United States arrived in Cambodia to explore opportunities for investment in trade and agriculture in Cambodia.

The Ambassador also pointed out that “about 15 American companies are exploring agricultural opportunities in Cambodia; they are interested. Strong to discuss with local businesses, these companies are all agricultural giants Known worldwide, besides Manufacturer technology and technology that will lead them to serve in the agricultural sector. These big companies could determine the future of agriculture on the planet

It is recalled that Minister of Commerce Pan Soksak at the opening of the "Business Opportunity in Agriculture in Cambodia 2020" organized Posted by the US Embassy in Cambodia and the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia at the Rose Wood Hotel, Phnom Penh February 6-07 2020 argues that agriculture is a priority sector identified in the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia. The minister also confirmed to American investors that "some agricultural products such as rice, corn and maize Soybeans, cassava, cashews, cashew nuts, rubber, vegetables, fish, meat are all potential products for local and international business people to consider investing or investing in. In Cambodia.

At the same time, he emphasized promoting value chains and processing of agricultural products as a priority to support the sector Agriculture is another sector in which the Minister of Commerce of Cambodia exemplifies cassava processing Powder, tablets, ethanol bags, and stuff Other activities will create jobs, increase incomes and improve people's lives. In addition, Cambodia has called on American and local companies to consider investing more Agricultural products, citing Cambodia's better investment climate. Edited by: Sokhuk