Oknha Dr Kouch Mengly said that despite the Khmer peopleThere is a great deal of awareness about the effective use of money, but we are still observing that there are some Cambodians, especially those who live there The countryside still has a tradition of burying money in its homes.

Tycoon wrote a message on the MJQ University Press on March 23, 2020: How to Bury a House? They are not afraid to spend money, they are not willing to spend money on capital or trade. Not only that, other people are willing to use the money to buy gold or jewelry for themselves.

Getting money to buy gold or jewelry for personal gain not only discourages the nation's economy and benefits itself, he said. But it can also pose a variety of other risks, such as the risk of theft, burglary and fire.

A few years ago, some rich people in the countryside had a lot of money and kept all their money in the house without spending a fortune. Or invest in a business or send it to a bank for safe keeping. When the fire engulfed their house, their money, and all their jewelry, it burned up, and they finally fell. Poor self-suffering.

So to contribute to the national economy as well as make money flow in society if we do not use it to increase income. No, we should at least send the money to the bank for a little interest or we can use the money to buy real estate. Also good.

He said we need to know that if our people do not use money actively, then our economy will fall and if our economy Down the line, foreigners will not dare to invest in our country, leaving many Cambodians unemployed.

Do you know what the US economy was in 2007? It is because the American people leave their own money, not to spend it alone. So in order to prevent Cambodia from getting into trouble like the United States, everyone in Phnom Penh and the provinces must get involved Keep the money active and avoid putting money in the locker or locker because it's not very safe. : Intellectual