Koh Kong: Oknha Hun Sen wrote a message on her Facebook account A guy gave a watermelon to the tycoon and though I gave him the money, he didn't accept it but after a while he opened The driver of the watermelon drove off and crashed, killing his daughter.

Hun Sen added that the driver of the car, who had been under the influence of alcohol, had crashed into his truck, causing him to crash. Died on the spot and his daughter, I was taken to Koh Kong hospital and with severe injuries died and transported the body. Take it to the pagoda.

According to the article on the March 21 article of Oknha Hun, “Life's problems are not real. On the way to bring the 'Love to Share' fund to the brothers in Koh Kong, I met a young man with his daughter on a trip. Carrying watermelons for sale, …… .it seems too new and too soon !!!!…. He gave me a watermelon, and no matter how much I gave him money, he didn't accept even though he didn't know I was from Anybody else. Unfortunately, he drove away from me for a moment and suddenly there was a Vigo wearing a Phnom Penh license plate 2AB-8079 driving drunk. He drove his truck to his truck, causing his death on the spot and his daughter, I sent him. He was taken to a provincial hospital but his niece was seriously injured At another hospital. It's really sad. ”

Oknha added that now I have the two bodies taken to Wat Trapaing Rong for the traditional ceremony. . For a traditional funeral and burial fund, I will help them all. May the spirits of Um's son and nephew go to heaven.

According to the tycoon, you have the authority to arrest this person to take legal responsibility and I will follow this. They seemed to have a hard time living. Driving responsibly, because life can never return.

On March 21, 2020 at 18:15 pm at the Ou Treng Point In Kiri Chum Village, Russey Chro Commune, Thmor Bang District, Koh Kong Province, there were two car-crashes that killed the first two people, Phom Kimsei. Male: 73 years old, village Svayju commune, Teu Vil commune, Sa'ang district, Kandal province, 2, named Pho Phrey Srey Pov, a 17-year-old girl, was injured at a hospital.
Watermelon Cabinets, Melody Tag # 23182. Vigo Gold Silver Plug No. 2AB 8079 Fleeing Owners. In this case, we have contacted the family to get the body for the funeral for our car. By: Wisdom