Mondulkiri: Mondulkiri provincial environmental officials are searching for the identity of the suspect who illegally erected a fence post to seize state land after authorities Removed more than 300 fence posts in a row from last week to August 10 in Sre Huy and Nong Khilek communes, Koh Nhek district, Mondul province Kiri.

Keo Sopheak, director of the Mondulkiri provincial environment department, said yesterday that more than 300 fence posts had been encroached upon by unknown individuals. State land was spotted by Mondulkiri Provincial Department of Environment during a patrol from the beginning of last week until the 10th August in the above geography.

He said that the competent authorities are searching for the suspects after being removed, but he could not confirm that it was the work of local people or No traders from other areas.

“Now we are searching for the person who set up the post to take the state land, and we will continue to inspect or patrol if possible. Meet the fence post again, we will remove it immediately. In terms of the amount of land that was erected, it is about 100 hectares, but we prevented it in time.

Koh Nhek District Police Inspector Khlot Sokhea said yesterday that the fence posts that the perpetrators had thrown on state land had not been removed. No land. Authorities and environmental officials are continuing to withdraw because the perpetrators have planted poles on several hectares of land.

He added that in this case, the authorities also searched for the perpetrators, but have not yet released the results. The land where they set up the post is next to the Sre Pok wildlife sanctuary, there is not much forest, so the crooks want it.

He said: "The land in that area, if we look like a field, it means that there is a forest, so he saw the vacant land. They went to set up a post to seize the land, but we could not find the person who set up the post because we were busy removing the post if we all removed "Further investigation."

Eang Mengly, Adhoc Human Rights Coordinating Officer for Mondulkiri Province, said yesterday that after the news of the planned contact, Come down to measure the land or cut the land to distribute to the poor people, there are also some opportunists trying to encroach on the state's forest land under the guise of walking posters Surrounded by banana plantations, coconut plantations, jackfruit plantations and some other crops to deceive professional officials to get land.

"We can not allow the crooks to continue to encroach on anarchic land, we must take action because if In addition, there may be collusion with officials. "If we just remove the pole, the problem will continue to happen again and again."