Sihanoukville / Takeo: Authorities estimated that a fire broke out at Lin's Textile Co., Ltd's warehouse in Group 3, Village 3, Tumnup Rolok Sangkat. No. 1 in Sihanoukville on September 19 and the case of the fire at Samrong Yong market in Takeo province on Thursday. Damage to property, but management has not yet summed up.

Preah Sihanouk Deputy Provincial Commissioner Bur Sothy, who received the National Firearms Plan, Explosion and Fire told the Post on the 20th. She said that according to the physical examination at the scene, there were thousands of materials and raw materials, including yarn and fabric. The building, including a 20-by-45-meter warehouse, was almost completely destroyed by fire. But no one was injured in the incident.

He said that according to the explanation from the security staff guarding in front of the factory and the staff. One of the Chinese nationals of the factory concluded in the preliminary stage that the fire This can be caused by an "electric shock".

"According to the Chinese security guards and staff, at first they smelled and saw Smoke billows from the warehouse. But they can not go to check because the warehouse is locked from the outside.

However, Lin Yati, managing director of Lin's Textile Co., Ltd., told the Post on September 20: He did not agree with the conclusion that the fire was caused by an electrical fault. The power grid there was shut down because it was time for workers to take a break from Pchum Ben.

"So far I do not know the exact cause of the fire," he said. Still do not agree with the conclusion of the authorities because we have turned off the lights in the factory. Workers do not work, why explode across the electricity, we want more research on This case.

As for the damage, Lin Yati said it had not been finalized, adding: "I still do not. The inventory has not been reviewed yet. ”

Separately, in Bati district, Takeo province, the local police said that there are a number of stalls. 230 out of 282 stalls in Samrong Yong Market, including the goods in those stalls, were completely burnt down From Thursday evening, the last day of the Pchum Ben festival.

Takeo provincial deputy governor Yos Nasi told the Post that the fire at Samrong Yong market was estimated. In the initial phase, there was a loss of about $ 8 million due to the exchange of goods and almost all goods. Was completely destroyed by fire.

Miss Mech Marika, a new actress who has a stall in this market, has a local newspaper. Quote that the goods in the table have a total value of about 20,000 dollars from the force. Her blood pressure and that of her family have been reduced to ashes for more than 10 years. In the blink of an eye.

She said: "I'm really sad, I can not sleep for 2 nights. "Because of my sadness and sadness, my bag and my shoes and skin." However, she said that the Takeo provincial authorities are now intervening to repair the stalls. Return.