Edit: For the last three days in a row, no positive Kovid 19 virus has been found in Kep province. This is a good sign for the implementation of administrative measures, health and the government in the past, especially the participation of people in The province itself, but the provincial authorities continue to tighten on a regular basis. According to Mr. Ros Oudong, spokesman for the Kep provincial administration on July 12.

He said that from July 9 to 11, Kep province did not find 19 positive Kovid virus cases. So far, 124 patients have recovered and about 100 are recovering. Healing.

"Although no new positives have been found in Kep, the restrictions on the border," he said. The entry and exit of our provincial border is still the same, as we have deployed health forces to check the health of travelers entering the province. "We regularly wear masks and take temperature measurements."

Mr. Ros Oudong said that the absence of additional infections is due to the participation of people in Prevent the spread of this disease, so people as well as all authorities must continue to participate in prevention. To prevent the spread of this disease, in particular, please do not relocate and maintain a consistent health and government measures. Well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Som Piseth, Governor of Kep Province, wrote a message on his Facebook page on the 10th July: In recent days, the number of 19 positive Kovid cases in Kep province has been steadily declining Next, especially on July 9-10, the Kovid 19 infection in Kep province was zero.

"This is a good sign for the measures that have been put in place in the past and With the participation of the people in Kep, we hope to have such good results in the future. "

At the same time, he called on all people to remember that even though the number of positive people is declining. Yes, but the presence of the virus continues to live in the environment.

Mr. Som Piseth said: "A little negligence can lead to a return to normal and lead Suffering for our family like this, please continue to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the noble recommendation of Samdech Techo 3 protection And 3 do not always stick.