Phnom Penh: The National Road Safety Committee calls on the public across the country to respect the road traffic laws when traveling to the area. Recreation during breaks to participate in the prevention and control of accidents on the road caused by driving in violation of the law, insults and in Drunk state.

The Royal Government has decided to give people all over the country a day off from August 17-21, in return for National New Year holiday in April as the government closes to prevent the spread of 19 Kovid diseases Many in every country in the world are infected and die.

The National Committee states: "The public as all road users, in addition to implementing all measures to prevent the spread of Kovid 19, please "Continue to pay attention, be careful and respect the road traffic law every time you travel on the road."

The National Road Safety Committee said: "Road users must follow certain legal measures, such as always wearing a helmet in When traveling by motorcycle, whether near or far at all times. Do not drive faster than the speed limit. Never drive under the influence of alcohol. Always respect the right of way, obey the traffic signs and always be right. Always wear a seat belt when traveling in a car. Do not turn or overtake at your own risk or use the phone without a voice recorder. For passenger or worker vehicles, do not load passengers or workers on the roof and do not increase fares on this occasion.

Ms. Mon Manvi, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of the National Road Safety Committee, said yesterday that To prevent road traffic accidents in the coming holidays, the relevant authorities and authorities in the capitals and provinces will continue to enforce the law. Traffic at various destinations set by professional officers.

"Our authorities have not rested, they continue to be vigilant, especially during this time, they are still working," she said. "Implement the same traffic laws everywhere to protect the lives of people."

Ms. Manvy said that the number of traffic accidents on the road that caused deaths and injuries has decreased after the authorities Restricted law enforcement.

"Last year, there were between five and six deaths a day in traffic accidents, but now there are deaths," she said. Less than five people.

Kim Panha, director of the Asian Injury Prevention Organization (AIP Foundation) in Cambodia, said that while the authorities and stakeholders are increasing education. Disseminate and promote the implementation of traffic accident law now, compared to the past, there is not much momentum.

He added: "According to the call for education and outreach to our people, he will not be very involved. Only the implementation of the law in a comprehensive, rigorous and consistent manner, day and night, with transparency and fairness, can only reduce the number of traffic accidents. "Deaths and injuries in traffic accidents can fall to a low level."

According to the report of the Department of Traffic Police and Public Order, in 2019, there were 4,121 traffic accidents, resulting in deaths. 1,981 people were injured and 6,141 were injured. In the first six months of 2020, there were 1,596 traffic accidents, killing 853 people and seriously injuring 1,501. Light 923 people.

However, compared to the same period in 2019, traffic accidents decreased by 26%, deaths decreased by 16%, serious injuries decreased by 28% and Minor injuries decreased by 17 percent.