Phnom Penh: Ministry of Health officials point out the reasons why the number of deaths of 19 Kovid patients is increasing every day because of them Most have chronic illnesses, and most are elderly, but compared to the mortality rate with neighboring Cambodia Still able to manage well.

During a visit to Phnom Penh International Airport on July 10 to receive the Kovid 19 vaccine, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Health Youk Sambath said: The patients who died were both in intensive care hospitals and in some capitals and provinces.

"Many of these deaths are due to chronic illnesses such as pneumonia and high blood pressure," she said. "And when the virus enters, it aggravates the patient's condition, which leads to more deaths." .

Ms. Youk Sambath confirmed that the doctors tried to save the patient as much as possible, but sometimes could not help, but at the same time she also He said that 19 cases of Kovid disease in Cambodia, compared with neighboring countries, still have a good situation in No.

The death toll from Kovid 19 has risen sharply, said O Vandin, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health and chair of the Vaccination Commission Nationwide Kovid 19 Prevention also confirmed on July 8 that deaths from the disease Kovid 19 is mostly elderly and has a physical illness that makes them more progressive and severe until they reach Loss of life.

"The dead were between 50 and 60 years old, but there were also people who were rich," she said. Young people, just in small numbers. "Vaccines play a very important role in preventing the symptoms of serious illness that can lead to death."

At the same time, she continues to appeal to those who have already been vaccinated to continue to provide proper protection, especially That is, 3 do's and 3 preventions still need to be implemented to prevent and curb the spread of Kovid 19.

The World Health Organization [WHO] Representative, Ms. Ly Aileen, wrote on her Twitter account that Cambodia was moving towards a more inclusive community. Large-scale and increase beyond the hospital's ability to care for overcrowded patients if individual and social measures Not implemented immediately, responsibly and effectively.

"Worryingly, the virus is spreading and many lives will be lost," she added.

In the first month of June, 19 to 287 people died of Kovid.

On July 10, another 4 million doses of the vaccine were delivered to Cambodia, including 3 million doses of the vaccine. And 1 million doses of Sinofam vaccine. The 4-million-dose vaccine was ordered by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said that from February 7 to July 10, 2021, Cambodia has already received about 17 million doses of vaccine.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “Vaccination is a strategy for Cambodia to fight Kovid-19 as well as protect health. Of people from Kovid 19 disease. "Through the vaccines that Cambodia has received, it has helped Cambodia to achieve its plan to vaccinate the people."

As of July 10, more than 4.8 million Cambodians, or 48.46% of the 10 million people, were vaccinated Kovid 19 disease across the country.

On the night of July 10, O Vandin wrote on her Twitter account, expressing concern over the spread of Kovid. 19 that may cross the red line.

"We are concerned about crossing the red line if people continue to ease measures to prevent Kovid 19," she said. "We must work together responsibly from now on to change the situation."

She states that if individual and family activities do not properly protect against the virus, especially With poor public health, the spread of the disease to the community will increase on a larger scale.