Kampot: Illegal fishing offenses in coastal provinces have dropped significantly this year, with officials explaining that because Citizens are aware and widely disseminated by local officials regarding the law.

Theng Borin, director of the Kep Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, told the Post on December 6 that fishery crimes in Kep had been targeted. In the crackdown in 2020, there were 21 cases, including the crime of illegal diving, push-pull fishing with electric devices. Swallow mice in the community fishing area and use illegal trawlers with mosquito nets.

Compared to 2019, illegal fishing has decreased by about 20% due to the authorities at all levels regularly disseminate and guide People in the province and regular patrols in various geographical areas in the sea.

"Out of the 21 cases, the perpetrators were educated, instructed and contracted without being sent to court," he said. That no. ” Authorities do not want this illegal fishing because when using fishing gear by shock and other illegal devices will To affect natural resources and species of marine fish are declining.

Mr. E Meng Leang, Director of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Koh Kong Province, also said that the crime of fishing in 2020 will also decrease. However, he did not specify how many. He said that some crimes are minor and the authorities of the department also have some understanding according to the actual situation and deal with the actual situation. By making transitional fines and making instructions. "We often crack down on fishing offenses, but they are still rare, they are not gone, banning one place after another. "More."

Mr. Sar Sorin, Director of Fisheries of Kampot Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, also said that illegal fishing crimes were cracked down on. In Kampot province in 2020, there were 68 cases, compared to the previous year, a decrease of about 20 percent.

He said that this year, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Kampot province, in cooperation with civil society organizations, disseminated to 50 fishing communities. A session with about 500 participants.

He said: "The illegal crimes that we have cracked down on, such as sniffing rats' tails and pushing their hands with electric devices from fishermen. " Authorities did not arrest the perpetrators and send them to court, because when the authorities cracked down on illegal fishermen, they ran away and the authorities Also collected the materials and burned.

Nen Chamroeun, director of the Sihanoukville Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, could not be reached for comment. You get.

Mr. Nak Sen, a representative of the fishing community of the coastal community of Kampot province, said that fishing offenses in the sea still exist, especially in the province. Kampot remains normal despite frequent crackdowns by provincial authorities.

"Fishing offenses still exist and most people use electric shocks and trawlers," he said. He added that the fishing community also used to call the provincial authorities to join the crackdown, but the authorities do not seem to cooperate with the community.