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Long after it was heard that Lay Leakana, who had been missing from Cambodia to Canada, had also met. Be there until the next future. She is known to be in good health after arriving there, meeting well-meaning people until they come home, causing them to want to Forget her again.

Famous actor and songwriter Lay Leakena has been missing from Cambodia for several months. She is known to have performed in Canada. Her performance was over with her return home. But have not yet seen the beautiful Lay Leakena to hear that she lives there?

According to sources, Leakena has been living in Canada for several months, possibly longer. She was employed there by singing and hosting stars from Cambodia, performing there. In particular, she was revealed to be dating a new lover, and her lover ensured she lived there.

However, this is the only clue we have ever received and it is up to her whether she is really living or coming home.

It should be recalled that Lay Leakena was named as the cleanest character for many years. She was very young in the art market at a young age, but she failed her widowhood for over 10 years. Just returned to the art, and out to Canada, there was a rumor of a couple in the area.

In addition, it is alleged that Leakena, who had been planning to leave Cambodia for Canada, decided on her that the association would provide. . She had such an opportunity to stay in the country. (Edited by: Bopha)