A new video shows a man in a village Motorcycle riding with a sword comes and threatens to kill a family of women without knowing why At the same time, it has caused a huge outburst of anger at the society.

The incident occurred in the village of Kampong Trea, Saang mountain commune, Saang district, Kandal province on April 24, 2020. According to members of the victim's family.

According to an emailed statement, a man with a narrow account of the universe alleged that the woman's family had been sexually assaulted. The man (not knowing what the bad thing was) made him angry, pulling his sword and threatening to cut it in the middle of the day. Such. But a family member who has a Facebook account, Srey Nhek, always refuses to jab at Nish Seik's name. She said in response to the above account: “Not the mouth of us, but of the mother "No, don't be mistaken. Open your eyes, for you think so."

However, unauthorized use of a dangerous weapon without threatening the life of another, is clearly wrong Laws that are competent cannot be tolerated.

Responding to the aforementioned "no-nonsense" behavior of one of the above men, a social network user commented: "Come on! In the village there will be no cooperation, so he dared to chase them in the village. Also, it is not afraid of the 20, come in and wait Surrounded it nearly dies and handed over to the police after it did not dare to come to rest.

While many say that sooner or later they will be measuring the same height as their predecessors, they are doing so now. Waiting for action by law enforcement. By: Hong Hong