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Phnom Penh: Mr. Noupp fell ill two years ago and is surprised to find that he is still renting a house. They count for years in a small box for $ 50. And some people think he might have taken the money he had been given to Heathrow on the wrong side of the road and never been able to recover. Situation.

However, all the details of the incident were to be revealed by Mr. Nissip with our correspondents, who met him while singing. At one store. In the pale, fragile remains, moderate strength strives to maintain balance, sigh for the former's daily allowance. Nobody, as anyone who is fascinated by his beautiful voice, still accepts it. I was sick for days.

Speaking about the break from singing, Nusp said, "Someone asked you, 'Why don't you have a home?' In fact, he used to own a house in Toul Kork, which houses 4 to 10 families. Later, he sold his share of the property, and the smallest of the houses were low Do not waste your money. At that time, and no matter how hard he tried to redeem the house, he had some problems with his life. Also, he is willing to sell the house.

The 70-year-old says he is not expensive if he is famous on stage or outdoors Also, we are old enough to not sing the full song. He has a lot of debt and he does not want to be named. He lived in a rented house, and he did not want to owe it to anyone.

He said that since then the land sector has become more and more expensive to buy as the disease has become more popular. . He is suffering from a left foot problem, which means he has had to limp for a long time and has not walked very slowly. Like the right leg. In addition, he sings low on the stage, and if the stage is not high enough, then the high-end programs at his office Past workshop.

He added that nowadays, other than the leg trouble, only blood problems, which fear because of the reciprocity, increased by 19 times. Also see. Mum and fear of this hypertension at the same time as the stomach, he is not heavy.

Today, Mr. Nouppe sings at the Serenity Shop, where the shopkeeper pits for a long song of 20 days a day. Dollars. He sometimes got acquainted with some of the people who passed out. Every day, he is at home renting a Russian baby, raising three foster children. (Edited by: Bopha)