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Jo Nemeth, who hails from New South Wales in the UK, has been out for five years and has been living in the country for five years. Tin shelters to save money on rent.

But after quitting her job as Community Development Officer in March 2015, she began to love life more Up.

The 51-year-old woman used to spend about $ 600 on food, groceries and rent beforehand. She decides to give up everything.

She told the Daily Mail Australia: "I decided to live without money when I started to realize the impact of money. Which I spent. "My initial goal was to reduce environmental and social impact and reduce it," she said Pollution and resource utilization.

She started her new life by providing care for real estate or children to others in exchange for housing. Temporary. Even her shelter was made of discarded metal and recycled materials. Now she has to grow her own food.
In order to live completely without spending any money, she shared that it is important to understand the difference Between demand and want.

Most people decide to spend money just because they want something more because they need it. If we spend just what we need, we can reduce our use, we reduce Pollution and we reduce spending.

In addition, she said, the exchange of goods is an easy way to reduce Buying lots of goods. She joins a Facebook group full of people who grow their own food, and she can exchange products with them Easily