The Phnom Penh Municipal Authority has issued a press release informing Norway Continue to support the mine action sector in Cambodia for over $ 5 million over the next four years. On 5 June 2020, His Excellency Ly Thuch, First Vice President of Mine Authority, received Mr. Zlatko Vezilic, Director of NPA's Humanitarian Disarmament Project in Cambodia. Courtesy and salute on the occasion of his four-year mission in Cambodia.

Norway, through the NPA, will continue to assist with landmine clearance around the world, with Cambodia being the special case country. Norway is focused and will continue to provide an additional US $ 5 million for mine clearance over the next four years.

On behalf of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Mine Authority, HE Ly Thuch thanked the Royal Government and people of Norway. The most active participants in the field of humanitarian mine action in Cambodia include mine clearance assistance, national capacity building, mine data management, and participation. Also a cluster munition clearance operator in the Northeast.

NPA is one of the first organizations in the world that has trained dogmiths and assisted CMAC in cleaning operations. Mine by Dog in Cambodia ៕

By: Kolab