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North Korea claims on June 21 that it has no intention of refusing to send leaflets, according to YONHAP. Anti-South Korea propaganda crosses the border, calling the inter-Korean agreement a ban on such activities only on paper .

Pyongyang is publishing a large number of anti-Seoul propaganda leaflets, the North Korean news agency KCNA reported on June 20. Umm and prepare to cross the border.

South Korea Unification Ministry expresses regret and asks Pyongyang to immediately cancel the project Calling it a breach of an inter-Korean agreement.

In a statement issued by the KCNA, a spokesman for the North Korean Communist Party said it was aware of the propaganda leaflets. The agreement has been affected by the two Koreas, but we have no intention of reviewing or changing our plans While the two Koreas have already been severed. South Korean authorities must not talk about the agreement, which has become a dead letter.

Sending leaflets to South Korea is one of the revenge measures
DPRK vows to respond to anti-DPRK propaganda leaflets Throw out a row of North Koreans and balloon activists into North Korea. That was furious with Pyongyang
Strong to demolish the inter-Korean relations office in Kaesong. Excerpt from the website: yna (Edited by: Bopha)