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According to Buddhism, Buddhism explains that in order to get rid of the bad things we already do, we do not beg anyone. No forgiveness.

Other people, our Goddess, the devil, the goddess Indra, Brahmin, are not the ones to whom we should pray, ask for forgiveness, or propose Ask the evil karma to leave us.

An individual should not have faith in any outsider who should ask for forgiveness or worship in order to escape No such thing. If Buddhists want to ask for the elimination of evil from hell, the only person who is most effective is themselves. We, by being devoid of all evil, will do what is evil in our hearts and turn back to what is good and evil; Lost by yourself.

In the Bible, Buddhism makes it clear that although sin and sin cannot be reconciled, Feasts are more powerful than sin can get people who go to hell to be in heaven