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Kompong Cham: As China outbreaks new strain of COVID-19 or coronavirus The virus has been found in Boeng Kok market, Kompong Cham mall, and Kampong Cham solidarity market. No Cambodian has been infected. As of February 13, 2020.

Vendor Vei, a 39-year-old vegetable vendor in Boeng Kok market, said on the morning of 13 February. People have been stunned by Corona for several days, including wearing masks He did not wear a mask, and at first he did not wear a mask Once seated vendors also wear a mask.

He also said that he did not know how to wear a mask for a long time, only to be removed for a few minutes. In fact, on the morning of February 13, the shoppers sitting around with him were not wearing masks because of the hot weather Also.

His house in Lor village, Boeung Kok commune, Kompong Cham town, had three boys and girls before going to school with teachers. It is recommended that you wear only one mask for the last time, because it is sold at pharmacies That's all. He thinks that in any warmer climate in Cambodia, children are still advised to be careful about how to prevent them Contracted coronary disease.

An older woman, Sour Tho, 60, said that since she had not had coronary artery disease, she was Always wear a mask to prevent the spread of cold or other illnesses while walking among the herds Many people in the market at Boeung Kok Lake.

In the past, the box size he bought for 4,000 riel, then went up 8,000 ៛ and the big box 8,000 ដល់. By the morning of February 13, he had been shopping at the market at Boeung Kok market. Also, her husband, a doctor, always tells his family members to be clean Also.

The owner of a pharmacy near the market of Kompong Cham town told that he had sold for a normal price. It is not surprising that Korona has been infected. Afterward, shocked by the disease, his body was sold at an unbeaten price. But people have come to buy and use almost anything. And the rest of the boxes, he distributed them to family members and older ones for free That's because he likes to give a gift.

After receiving the recommendation from Drs. Minister of Health Mam Bunheng and His Excellency Un Channda, the governor of the province, have increased their attention by preparing to open. Happy Training on Preventive Prep Response to the pandemic tract breath which is caused by a corona virus.