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Most men know that women can find it difficult to empathize or to guess. However, not in good health, she decides to walk away from you for no reason! Below, Health.com.kh will reveal why, no matter how much she loves her, she can walk away You if you always make her feel this way:


1. She feels that you are an unstoppable man:
No matter how much a woman loves freedom, she still wants someone who can rely on her during special needs Pregnant. Only a person who can rely on her can warm her heart.


2. She is fed up with your never ending need:
Most men probably don't even think that it takes a person to stay in shape and feel good Cooking food, reading a book, and being able to be friendly to all of your friends is an exaggeration. However, it is tedious to meet someone's needs or demands at all times.


3. She doesn't feel that she is the only person you love:
For women, not just men, not cheating is enough. Most importantly, she can see how much you love her and does not want you to look at other women.

4. She was tired of distrust and wanted control of her:
It can be overwhelming at times, and when you just want to meet a friend, she has to try to get your permission for a while A long time. And then take the time to text or pick up the phone with you throughout the meeting.

Listening to the doubts and trying to explain everything, even by clicking Like or posting on someone's social network A sign of a stronger relationship. And very few women are satisfied with this type of relationship. And if you have a clear or factual reason to not trust your partner, why not leave her first?

5. You were the reason that always made her feel bad:
You are this way if you are always unhappy, not open to new things, and almost always refuses to comment Every thought is thought of as inappropriate. At some point, she will want to leave or try hard to make life better and more interesting.

6. She was tired of giving one-on-one, never getting back:
One-sided giving with nothing in return? A good relationship cannot happen this way. The two can only stay together when they both really want to be with each other and when they are They often express themselves through words and gestures.

Love should be mutually reinforcing. This means that not only one side is the giver and the other the receiver. If they are loved and cared for by someone else, they should also give love back to them ( Source: Health.com.kh) ៕ Edited by: Sokhuk