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Phnom Penh: Tomorrow, Friday, May 1 is a new time to start enforcing traffic laws and enforcing them. Serious fines for millions of riel for every type of driving error without a valid vehicle license or document Or even the motor speed sensor is not working There is also a fine of up to 60,000 riel and if the driver of the car is facing a penalty of up to 180,000 riels Has a car break or expired.

On-site identification card (valid christmas card, technical check (check), expired driver's license, expired… etc). People flock to their places to stand, no longer fearing the spread of the deadly disease Kov-19. Anymore.

In fact, social media posts show that many people are also turning to driver's licenses, with many being cited. "Don't care about Kov 19 and fear the traffic police fine," he said. Driver's license reinstated yesterday says people are not afraid of infectious disease Liz Cycling Tour Park ».

Un Vet, director of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport's automotive inspection bureau, informed the Ministry of Public Works of the Kingdom of Cambodia this morning. That after the authorities announced the implementation and enforcement of the new traffic law from May 1 onwards Monday, April 27 until April 30 People are checking in on all kinds of vehicles, increasing every day.

Mr. Lovinikovudh, Head of the Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Public Works and Transport issued a driving license and traffic safety In the past few days, people have been trying to renew their licenses and renew their licenses People who lose cards in three locations are at Ang Driving license at 1st AEON MALL and 2nd AEON MALL for normal day in one location 50 to 60 cards, but in recent days, nearly 300 cards totaled nearly 600, an increase Get up every day. He added that despite this increase, officials were on time.