Siem Reap: After Facebook, a number of news outlets reported that There was a woman who came out of the coronary church to get coronary disease on February 29. Fast reaction to the Seoul Municipal Administration denies that there was a case of a Japanese visitor who died from a Covid 19 disease inside the temple grounds. The pagoda.

On February 29th, a Facebook account with the following sign posted: "A Japanese tourist has died. By Covid19 A few minutes ago, on February 29, 2020 "is a case of not using the old pictures only.

Pictures of the case are the incident that happened on February 14, 2020, when a 72-year-old female tourist was hit by a storm in the capital The bullet points will be sent to the Royal Angkor Hospital immediately without any risk of death. .

On behalf of the Youth Action Team of the State of Seattle, please request all website owners and social media to stop all activities. Sharing and disseminating confidential information that brings benefit to the nation's economy. The country as a whole will stimulate tourists and Cambodians Our cable.

The provincial administration has rejected the release of Sdam Husen, in fact a woman who was carried off by a windshield.

According to the report of the Heritage Protection Center on February 18, 2020, the following information is available: February 14, 2020 at 3:40 pm Afternoon, local police force rescued a heritage of GOTO SACHiE, a 72-year-old woman Keep your feet unmoved Shortly afterwards, the force of the First Protective Guard (Angkor Wat) called the hospital's ambulance for treatment at the hospital. Royal Angkor Hospital ៕ By: Kolab