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By May 5, 2020, a man who set himself on fire motorbike on fire. But angry with the authorities on the first day of the grand opening of the fine, the film did not come He apologized and accepted the instructions of the provincial authorities for running Only the shadow disappears.

The man is a 33-year-old male villain named from his hometown of Maung Russey district, Battambang province, currently living in the village. Toul High, Stung Trang commune, Sala Krao district, Pailin province, burning an old motorcycle with no glass, no license plate, no helmet Along National Road 59 in Phos High places stong relationship outside school districts.

According to the report, if the man refuses to apologize for seven days The traffic police of the outer school district police inspectorate will hand over the case to the higher authorities.

Please confirm that it was 6:30 am on May 1 while the police put down the target Police arrested a man who rode an old motorbike with no helmet, no license plate and was employed by police. A fine of more than 100,000 riel was immediately incurred The motorbike itself was startled, but the villagers and police rescued it in time and pulled it out. Also kept at the district police inspector's office.

According to Nget Touch, a village chief, Toul High has been the father-in-law since May 1, his son-in-law. This burned down an old motorcycle. And at 6 in the morning, that was his son-in-law, an old-fashioned 1997 motorbike, for 13 Ten thousand riel and not yet paid enough.

He said that earlier that day, he was riding a motorbike on the side of the road when he was arrested by police and he saw the motorbike. The other had no hat, no glass, but was allowed to move on, so his son-in-law got angry and burned his motorcycle. Caused a wake up morning. But so far, he escaped to another province without coming to an apology and has been trying hard. Explain to your son-in-law not to keep hiding like this.

Please note that in the early morning of May 1, 2020, after the suspect burned the motorcycle immediately, the governor called the parents He also came to the school district's Inspector General of Police, asking him to come forward and apologize to the police. Otherwise seven days will be given by the police for legal action.

Regarding the issue, Rieng Dara district police chief said that the man who had been burning the motorcycle met the new traffic law in the past few days. Police have yet to apologize to the police, with only two days left. He added that if the man is still on the run, he refuses to admit and apologize for his mistake The case will be referred to above for processing. (Edited by: Bopha)

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