Pailin Province: 91 homeless elderly people continue to payMonthly Support Monthly by Lok Chumteav Dr. Ban Srey Mom, Pailin Provincial Representative May 5, 2020 The elderly are defenseless in Pailin.

HE Sao ​​Sarath, Chairman of Provincial Council and HE Hok Sophal, Deputy Governor of Pailin Province, met and brought the budget for May 2020 Open to 91 grandparents in Pailin province Grandma, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandfather, and always, the Prime Minister, always consider the welfare of every citizen, in every situation and in every place.

HE and Lok Chumteav has sent a press release on Kovirus 19, a widespread and deadly disease. The world urges all citizens to be vigilant about their own well-being and their families, to stay clean, to stay clean, to listen to the advice of the Ministry of Health, and to take action. The Government's necessary. If it is not necessary, stay in the home, do not have frequent assembly, wash your hands with soap and clean water, or gel alcohol. Wear proper mask or scarf when you go out to clean and eat well-cooked food, and for expatriates Stay separate from your friends Level within 14 days. If you experience symptoms of a cold with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, dry cough and difficulty breathing, please go to a health center or referral hospital. Call nearest to 115 or report to the nearest village or commune authority for direct referrals. And cure illness. Together, we must fight and prevent the spread of the infectious disease, so that Cambodia can survive .

It should be reminded that Pailin's Health and Emergency Support Fund has been operating since 2011 and is currently functioning as a public service. Sponsored by HE Y Chhean, Head of the Working Group to Pailin Province and Lok Chumteav Dr Pichit A monthly tribute to your late grandmother, defenseless in Pailin, regardless of political and religious trends. By: Ong Saram