Curie County Mondulkiri provincial court on Saturday acquitted nine men on charges of illegally clearing a protected forest. Arrested by Mondulkiri provincial environmental protection officer while conservation tree fell on February 7 Koy village, Roy commune, Koh Nhek district.

The nine suspects sent by the Mondulkiri Provincial Environment Department, Meas Pros, spokesman for the Mondulkiri court, told the Post yesterday. At the provincial court, the court is charged with clearing a conservation forest and detaining a prisoner in the provincial prison on Saturday. February. “Our court has decided to charge them with clearing the forest,” he said.

Neth Pheaktra, a secretary of state at the Ministry of Environment, said yesterday: “The case of Mondulkiri Provincial Environment Department has been organized. The case was sent to provincial court on Friday, February 7, after the arrest of nine suspects who were cutting and chopping wood. At Ou Khlae point in the conservation area Biodiversity Diversity Nek in the village commune warm York Nek.

He said that after arresting officers, the suspects confiscated four machine tools, 37 woodcutters 1 and 2, 37 types of sarcophagus and vase. 5 strokes of 1 st.

“This is a Tier 2 natural resource violation under Article 56 and Article 60 of the Protected Areas Act,” the Ministry of Environment said. Nature.

According to the Ministry of Environment report, the nine men arrested by the rangers include Lim Van Khong, 52, Seng Chea, 41 , Hun Sat, 44, Annet, 39, Van Chany, 26; Khoeun Sokheng, 25, Rin Den, 30, Ren March 15, and Ouk Pheaktra, 15.

Mondulkiri provincial forestry activist Tola Tola noted that large-scale forest crime cases have been relatively quiet for the last time Most of the officers in the coroner's office are able to crack down on minor offenses.

Tola said: 'I found it quiet, but still there was a clearing, like in Keo Seima district. A lot for the logistics of transporting timber through secret trucks, ”he said.

Tola said the continued deforestation was caused by family economic problems, as most people owed money to banks There is no other way to earn a living other than deforestation.