Phnom Penh: A senior official of the Ministry of Health said that the Ministry found that there was contact with a woman with a blue hat who was infected with Kovi There are 9 people in D19, and all 9 of them were taken to be the cadets at the cadal center. Takhmao High School is here. The ministry is currently monitoring a series of indirect victims.

Dr. Ly Sovann, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health, informed Koh Santepheap on the morning of August 10. "We are just taking samples and looking at his health (all nine)," he said. We have decided to take these 9 people to be treated at Chaktaly Sak Takhmao Health Center. "

"These nine people are indirectly affected, so what we are doing is in line with our medical expertise," he said. At this time, the team is working to track down those who came in contact with this woman, which is usually followed up. Up to 14 days.

"We can not just ask him, it is not enough, we have to ask those around the house," he said. Where is he from, so we are working.

At least nine people have been placed in pursuit of Kovid-19 after He was in contact with a woman in the Blue Hat Army, positive 19 Kovid, in Sitbo commune, Kandal province.