Having been struggling with money due to renovating his house, which is too close to the side of the road, Mr. Chan Chankol, living in Toul Sangke, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, was rewarded with 40 million riels from WURKZ energy drink on Saturday. It's enough to solve this concern.

He said: "Debt to the bank to move to a house that had been on the sidewalk made me miserable for months without knowing how. "I just work hard on car repairs and at night I ride three wheels to save money, move a house, and pay off a bank."

"I always eat WURKZ every day," he said of the award process. On the day of the win, I drank a second bottle of WURKZ, and suddenly I saw 40 million riels, I was stunned because I couldn't believe what I saw. "Just a can of WURKZ helped solve the water crisis close to my nose."