Phnom Penh: Gen. NET Savoeun, Director-General of the National Police and Chairman of the 2nd Committee of the NCDM advised all provincial and provincial governors to further enforce the Road Traffic Law in Cambodia. Reduce traffic accidents by 2020

During the Disseminating Meeting on Road Implementation Restrictions on Road Traffic Law on the afternoon of February 6, 2020, Gen. Naw Savoeun hopes that this year the road traffic accident will be reduced after all parties have implemented the law. Traffic.

In order to reduce road traffic accidents, the General has instructed all provincial and provincial governors to prevent traffic accidents in Cambodia such as:

First, the role of enforcers in enforcing traffic laws should be strengthened

Secondly, to review and promulgate measures to improve public order

Step 3: Take measures to control the pavements and sidewalks

4. Develop infrastructure

5- To disseminate civil servants and to inform the people better

Sixth, the Capital and Provincial Governor shall appoint a deputy governor to stand around the traffic law situation

The Capital and Provincial Governors shall implement the law

8th – Provincial and provincial governors make periodic reports

And 9- Provincial and Provincial Governors shall hold periodic meeting meetings.