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Phnom Penh: On 31 March 2020, HE Gen. Naw Savoeun, Director General of the National Police issued an order to the Anti-Crime Department. Ministry of Interior technology to investigate Facebook accounts displayed on a new device created Kill Covid-19 virus.

As one Facebook account posted thus states: "The automatic covid-19 disinfectant I made is now 100 successful. % Already installed at some institutions. Also thanks to Chhay for helping me work day and night with me. ”

Directed by His Excellency Gen. Nath Savoeun, Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, the Anti-Crime Division conducts research on the PAC. Yana Shanko, who posted an advertisement related to the production and launch of the Kov-19 automatic sprayer

The Department of Antitrust said that the task force contacted the device's manufacturer for further details and the manufacturer of the device That also means that the device is used to automatically spray alcohol every time someone passes, but that doesn't mean it can Kill germs -19 Can't.

Therefore, please do not be misled by all citizens, because this is not the case Of course, this tool automatically kills 100% ofovirus-19, as is exaggerated in some pcs.

Also, there is currently no device that can treat or kill the Kov-19 virus that is recognized by the organization. The World Health Organization or the Ministry of Health has yet to refer to the advertisement as a fake and misleading advertisement, this time the opposition Technology offenses are investigating social polluters They came to legal action.