Phnom Penh: The National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking [NEC] held a meeting on July 29 to strengthen its work. Fighting human trafficking responds to US assessment after US puts Cambodia second on human trafficking

Ms. Chou Bun Eng, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Permanent Vice Chair of the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking, stated that the Royal Government of Cambodia has implemented in the past. The Commission has been active in the fight against human trafficking, however, and has set out a follow-up plan to strengthen the campaign. This is in line with the development in today's society to continue to reduce and eliminate human trafficking.

Sak Setha, Permanent Secretary of State at the Ministry of Interior, said that the Ministry of Interior and relevant ministries and institutions, as well as the competent forces at all levels, have made great efforts in Addressing human trafficking.

He said Wednesday's meeting was held to strengthen efficiency in the implementation of the work and prepare a report in response to practical actions on the effort. Cambodia's efforts to support and participate in the fight against human trafficking.

In June, the State Department released its 2020 report on the global human trafficking situation. Cambodia is on Level 2 watch list as a country that does not meet the minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking, but is working hard Strong on this task.

Cambodia's efforts include prosecuting perpetrators, developing a five-year action plan to combat human trafficking, and developing and using data collection technology; Identity of the victim. But the Cambodian government as a whole has not shown more effort than last year. Authorities made no effort to share important information about law enforcement. Corruption persists, affecting law enforcement, criminal procedure, and victim protection.

Authorities also did not investigate reports of human trafficking in entertainment and brick kilns and did not improve other parts of the country. Human trafficking. According to the same report.

The US report makes a number of recommendations, including for Cambodia to adhere to proper procedures, investigate and prosecute human trafficking offenses. The government should allow the use of embedded investigative techniques in anti-trafficking operations and increase funding for this.

The report recommends: "[Cambodia] must step up unannounced inspections at highly vulnerable workplaces. "Especially in the brick-and-mortar farms, with a strong focus on debt chains."

Ms. Chou Bun Eng said yesterday that Cambodia had made great efforts but failed to meet the required standards. "This year we face 19 more Kovids, but we are still working hard, but the important thing is that his assessment is based on standards," she said. Of him that we find difficult to say. But if we do not make an effort, it is not right. We wondered, we wrote that we did more, but he said less. He said some work was not up to standard, but we said it was something we did right. So we see two standards are gone. ”