Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Chou Bun Eng, Permanent Vice Chairman of the National Committee Against Trafficking (NEC), expressed concern about the new wave of human trafficking. Illegal crossing during and after the cholera epidemic 19 as Interior Minister Sar Kheng ordered the broker That brought Cambodians across the border to Thailand to be punished.

Interior Minister Sar Kheng said at the launch of the National Assembly's 2019 report and the 2020 NEC target on Wednesday. The border provinces strive to mobilize forces to prevent the smuggling across the border back to Thailand. He said that despite the Thai-Cambodian border being closed, there were always ringleaders who considered them human traffickers. Arrested for prosecution under the law without delay.

“So, please pay attention to this issue, because to arrive in Thailand, it is illegal. So the transit was illegal and the traffickers were even more illegal and colluding with private companies in Thailand. Then, I would like to ask the authorities at all the border, especially the administration of the territories, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, the National Police and other relevant officials. "Let's work together to prevent people from crossing into Thailand and getting brokers to punish them."

Chou Bun Eng also spoke on the occasion that while Thailand was postponing the closure of the country until the end of June due to Ivory Coast. 19 Some brokers and conspiracy networks bring Khmer migrant workers back to Thailand.

“The brokers and the conspiracy network have brought migrant workers back to Thailand and were deported by Thai authorities,” she said. The subsequent returns cost many laborers, which cost thousands of brokers and conspirators each. ”

“Apart from the loss of time in order to evade the authorities by failing to reach the target, they were arrested by Thai authorities,” she said. Those were put back in a 14-day prisons system, where some were injured on the runway. More.

On behalf of the Secretary-General of the NEC, Mrs. Chou Bun Eng called on all working groups, especially the sub-national administrations, to increase their attention and follow instructions. The Government's crackdown on trafficking in persons and illegal transit, which she fears is the new wave of human trafficking Transit.

“During a time when people are worried about their livelihood, then there will be incitement or Also dragging them (illegally crossing the border) because his broker needs money for his benefit. So the broker will find out all the ways and the people will have to weigh the profit, because he is good. So we are worried that he thinks this illegal crossing is the right place to go. ”

According to a report released yesterday, there were 169 cases of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in 2019 There were 35 cases of increase, including 229 suspects, 11 juvenile suspects and 40 foreigners. There are 7 nationalities. The report also noted the positive impact of the crackdown on human trafficking and sex trafficking in 2019 Better than the same period in 2018.

But the report says that amidst the economic crisis and the outbreak of the disease, Kov 19 made a new change in fold. Migration during the period when industrial factories in countries have ceased to be necessary to monitor and introduce new measures to prevent Risks in committing human trafficking offenses