Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The National Commission for the Review of Prisoners' List Request for Amnesty and Amnesty Amnesty A petition to ease apology and pardon for Khmer New Year in April Capital – b Twenty-two provinces and the Ministry of Interior have submitted proposals.

Kim Peace, secretary of state at the Ministry of Justice, told the Post yesterday that the National New Year is coming. National Review and Evaluation of Prisoners List Request for Amnesty and Amnesty with Minister of Justice Ang Vong Vathana as President From the 22 provincial and municipal commissions (22 prisons) and the Ministry of Interior (four correctional centers). The National Commission of Cambodia received a total of 399 apologies to the prisoners, including 43 female prisoners. Assess for forgiveness during the Khmer New Year in April.

“For the types of offenses we see in the requests made, there are a lot of offenses,” he said There are also drug offenses. However, for the National Commission's review of the first review for drug offenses, we do not take a favorable review Is all drug offenses. Secondly, the atrocities we also did not take for granted. ”

“We favor the light offender category, which carries the maximum number of prisoners who receive the terms of the sentence,” he said. Fewer, shorter, or even older prisoners in prison, chronically ill, or inmates with disabilities . Therefore, we have made a very detailed examination of the number of prisoners who have been asked to reduce their sentence and the amnesty – the National Commission has examined. "It's all done, waiting for some documents to complete, which may be ready next week."

The spokesman confirmed that all the prisoners submitted, the National Commission did not examine whether the prisoners were No party activist. Court documents also did not identify the culprit as a party activist.

“We only look at the crimes of the prisoners, they want them as activists of any party,” Kim Peace said. The same sentence and equal rights before the law.

It should be highlighted that during the Water Festival in 2019, the National Commission of Inquiry reviewed the request for relief and amnesty for prisoners who requested A total of 512 prisoners were released (58 women). As a result, the meeting decided to honor Prime Minister Hun Sen for his consideration and respect to His Majesty the King. The highest level in which all prisoners were granted amnesty for a total of 90 prisoners (17 women).